Xnet Bestia Adjustable Stroke Wireless Tattoo Gun 2400mAh

$150.99 $399.99

Product Specifications:

  • Material & Size: Made of aluminum alloy, the Xnet Bestia wireless tattoo machine weighs 298g, ideal for professionals or those with stronger arms. Dimensions: Length 145mm, Grip width 42mm.
  • Voltage & Speed: Operates at 4-12V, with a maximum speed of 12V/10500Rpm.


  • Adjustable Stroke Design: Offers 7 needle stroke options from 2.4mm to 4.2mm. Easily switch between strokes by rotating the adjustment area on the grip, suitable for lining, shading, and color packing.
  • Custom Coreless Motor: Ensures stable and durable performance, with smooth ink transfer and low noise (39-42dB), enhancing the tattooing experience for both artists and clients.
  • 2400mAh Battery: Equipped with a color screen displaying remaining power, timer, voltage, and herz. Fully charges in 2-3 hours, providing 8-10 hours of use. Features a removable battery and RCA adapter for easy wireless-to-wired conversion. Switch between standard mode (blue) and 8V strong start mode (green) with a double-click of the power button.
COLOR: Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kristin Parlier

Amazing, I originally only thought of it as a replacement, but it grew on me more and more than I expected.

Dario Eduardo Peña Aravena

Aún no llega la atención es una basura después del pago no he sabido nada sobre el pedido

Josue Argumedo avila

Xnet Bestia Adjustable Stroke Wireless Tattoo Machine Pen

Fredy Nino
I love this pen machine

It’s awesome for thick lines, shading, fine lines, everything, it has a lot of power

Juan Velez
Best purchase ever

The machine is incredible ! I totally love it . It was a huge improvement on my tattooing , the weight helped me to achieve straighter lines , the fact that you can regulate the stroke is incredible, te quality of the machine is amazing, battery life is long lasting, all niddles I’ve tried have worked . Honestly it even beats other “ luxury “ brands .
This is luxury at a affordable price

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