XNET Sage Complete Wireless Tattoo Machine


XNET Sage Wireless Tattoo Machine Battery Pen 1200mah Capacity Digital LCD Display Low Vibration Permanent Makeup for Tattoo Artist

1.Can fit to permanent makeup needles,suitable for eyebrows, also for body small tattoo design;

2.Speed: 10V/100000 Rpm

3.RCA interface has high conductivity

4.Operating voltage:5-12V

5.Stroke 3.5mm

6.Size: 26*137mm


Battery capacity 1000mah
1pc battery running time 5-6 hours
charging time 1.5-2 hours

Custom Coreless Motor:

High Speed,low noise and working Stable, low energy consumption but more power, no hot for long time working. 10V 9000Rpm, work great for liner or a shader. Xnet tattoo pen has standard 3.5mm stroke length, can accurately and forcefully pushes the needle of the cartridge, effortless to cover and protect, efficient cartridges change, suit for most tattoo cartridge needles on the market.

Completely wireless tattoo operation experience. suitable for body tattoo design , also for eyebrows PMU .
Ergonomic grip design, the machine is lightweight, making your work easier and more enjoyable

Tattoo Kit Package Include: 1 X wireless tattoo pen, 1 X extra battery, 20Pcs tattoo needle cartridges(1203RLX10,1207RLX10), 1 X fast charge cord, 1 X RCA adapter, 1 X clip cord, 1 X zipper box.


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