Xnet Torch Complete Wireless Tattoo Machine


Material: Xnet wireless tattoo machine made of aluminum alloy by precision CNC Technology, easy to disassemble, easy to maintain and replace parts.

Weight:255g, length:145mm, diameter:36mm

This tattoo pen battery capacity is 1950mAh, about 2 hours fully charge, runs for 6-7 hours with one battery( Two battery support 14 hours). 4.5V-12V adjustable voltage, can support long-term tattoo work, output stable. The side of the battery has visible LCD screen shows operating voltage and remaining power, 0.5V voltage adjustments.

Motor:The Xnet tattoo gun built-in custom coreless motor, 12V - 10500RPM. 4.0MM stroke length work well for liner and shader. Effortless to cover and protect. It uses a direct drive system which makes the machine more powerful, low vibration, low skin loss, fast coloring, no hot for long time working.Upgrade Eccentric Wheel, bigger eccentric wheel,more stable, higher compatibility with the motor, lower noise, less wear, and not easy to fall off.

Package Included: Xnet wireless tattoo pen includes 1pc battery tattoo pen, 1pc extra battery,1pc type-c charging cable, 1pc RCA adapter, 1pc RCA clip cord,1pc pen holder,3pcs bandage,80pcs tattoo needle cartridges(1203RLX20,1207RLX20,1207RMX20,1209RMX20),1pc extra stroke cam,1pc suitcase.



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