Ambition Elite Wireless Tattoo Machine


Material: Aluminum alloy

Stroke: 4mm
Drive: coreless DC motor
Dimensions: 33.0 x 125.0mm
Weight: 152g (without battery) 184g (with battery)

Voltage: 5v-12v

With the SOL Nova Unlimited we have both expanded the uniqueness of the SOL Nova by adding the always with a user-friendly rechargeable battery. The functions of a complete power unit have been integrated into this cordless tattoo machine from which as the SOL Nova Unlimited runs More than the supplied spare battery that needs to be charged. Tattooing has never been easier, more intuitive or more-an unlimited experience!

The SOL Nova Unlimited is powered by a Panasonic NCR18500A cell If you need more than the supplied batteries you can get them from your local battery store

Maximum freedom of movement through wireless operation
Minimum 5 hour runtime with just 3 hours of charging time (at 5V and min 2A)
Typical Cheyenne and low vibration-operation

The top of the indicator light is the voltage display. Double click the button to adjust the voltage respectively representing 5-12 volts
The indicator light represents the power of the power supply, red represents the need to charge, and green represents the sufficient power.

Package Include: 1 pc tattoo machine,1 battery charger,1 pc storage bag,1 pc spare eccentric,2 pc battery

In the package sent the charger and each battery needs to charge for 1.5 hours.
Please note that after you finish using the machine, you need to remove the battery from the machine because it will remain in the standby state of the battery power to drain. usually after one night the battery needs to be recharged


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