XNET Torch Professional Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen DC Coreless Motor 2400mAh Battery for Permanent MakeUp Tattoo Artist

$149.98 $320
Xnet is a professional tattoo supplies manufacturer, we focus on the quality of the tattoo machine and the actual good operating experience, provide high quality service and product for the tattoo artist.
Motor:Xnet customize coreless motor
Stroke: 4.0mm
Square head operating Voltage: 4.5-12 V,Round head operating Voltage: 5-12 V
Single Battery capacity: 2100 mAh
Battery working time: 5-7 hours
Charging time: About 2 hours
Battery interface: type-C
This rotary tattoo machine kit are great for color packing,fine lines,smooth black grey, realistic color, traditional style 3rl work and more, it's your all-in-one machine if you are an artist that does such work.it has powerful motor precisely paired with 4.0 stroke.

High Quality Material: Xnet wireless tattoo machine made of aluminum alloy by precision CNC Technology, easy to disassemble, easy to maintain and replace parts. Square head wireless tattoo machine single weight is 255g, length: 145mm/5.7inches, diameter: 38mm/1.5inches, Takes about 2 hours to full charge, runs for 5-7 hours with one battery.
Custom Japan Coreless Motor: High Speed,low noise and working Stable, low energy consumption but more power, no hot for long time working. 12V 10500Rpm, work great for liner or a shader. Xnet tattoo machine has standard 4.0mm stroke length, can accurately and forcefully pushes the needle of the cartridge, effortless to cover and protect, efficient cartridges change, suit for most tattoo cartridge needles on the market.
Upgrade Eccentric Wheel: Bigger Eccentric Wheel,More stable, higher compatibility with the motor, lower noise, less wear, and not easy to fall off. The Xnet tattoo pen has visible LCD screen shows operating voltage and remaining power, 0.5v voltage adjustments,4.5V-12V adjustable voltage (Extra round head battery ±0.1V,long press±0.5V, 5-12V, support jump start), can support long-term tattoo work, output stable, one battery capacity is 2100mAh, designed for tattoo artrist or beginner.
Advanced Direct Drive System: This tattoo machines professional advanced direct drive system which is smooth, precise, soft, and quiet operation. Flexible for every style Gently and smoothly transfers ink to skin. Stable voltage and low noise gives satisfied experence to you and your clients.
Package Include: 1 X wireless whole machine, 1 X type-C fast charge cord, 1 X RCA adapter, 1 X zipper box.(Notice: The build-in eccentric wheel of the machine is upgrade eccentric wheel and the attached small accessories bag have extra universal eccentric wheel).

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