XNET Elite Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Powerful Coreless DC Motor Fast Charging 2400mAh Lithium Battery for Artist Body

$180 $350
Brand: XNET Elite

Stroke: 4mm

Working voltage: 5-12V;

Battery: Li-polymer.
Long style battery:2000mAh.6-7h Tattoo Working(8v).
Short style battery:1850mAh.5-6h Tattoo Working(8v).
Display: high-definition LCD screen display on the top of the tattoo pen (voltage-power usage)

Motor: XNET custom coreless motors
Equipped with German customized bearings and customized eccentric blocks, which will make the machine more smooth in operation
This motor is good with colour packing , lettering, traditional, neotraditional,realism


1.Two batteries allows artists to work seamlessly in any environment without worrying about empty power packs or power black outs.

2.Two batteries can allow you to complete at least 12 hours of work in a day's work

3.Charging time: fast charge, can be fully charged in 1.5 -2hours

4.Use time: The output current is 2.0A, under the condition of normal 8V voltage work, it can work continuously for more than 5-6 hours, the voltage is stable, and the intermittent use can be about 6-7 hours;

️Power-pack key features:
️-display in which you can view all your parameteres such as voltage, presets etc.

️-Controls to switch on and off the machine, adjust voltage and set favorite presets to quickly switch between your settings.

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