Ambition Soldier Complete Wireless Tattoo Machine


Material: Space Aluminum

Alloy Needle Stroke: 4.0mm

Size: 147*32mm

Weight: 215g

Motor: Japan Coreless Motor. Ambition Rotary Battery Tattoo Machine, Built-in Customized Coreless Motor, 10V - 9000RPM. More powerful, low skin loss, fast coloring, not hot for long work. The pen machine is compatible with all types of cartridge needles, direct drive system makes the tattoo machine stronger and better for lining and shading.

Motor speed: 10V - 9000RPM

Battery capacity: 2400mAh

Charging time: 1.5-2 hours Operating

Operating time: 8V normal low voltage, stable voltage state can last more than 6 hours, long operating voltage is stable.

Output fixed current: 2A

Working voltage: 3.7V

Output voltage: 5V-12V

LED display content: Output voltage range + battery usage + working time

Material: Ambition rotary battery tattoo pen made by aluminum alloy frame machine and CNC carved. Length: 148mm, weight: 210g. Detachable as a whole, easy to disassemble, maintain and replace spare parts.

Battery: the capacity of a battery is 2400mAh, it can support long-term tattoo work, stable output. 8V output voltage works for 6-7 hours (two batteries support 14 hours), it only needs 1.5-2 hours to fully charge. More importantly, the battery can be replaced at any time.

Package Included: 1 pc. Tattoo machine,1 x extra battery,1 x silicone RCA cable,1 x power cord,1RCA adapter,80 pieces tattoo cartridge needle (20X1203RL,20X1207RL,20X1207RM 20X1209RM), 1 piece tattoo pen holder,3 pieces bandage ,1 x 4.0mm race chamber,1pc zipper box,1 x aluminum alloy tool box


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