XNET Titan Professional Wireless Tattoo Gun 2400mAh

$145.99 $380

 Product Specifications:

  • Material & Size: Made from aluminum alloy using precision CNC technology. Easy to disassemble, maintain, and replace parts. Available in two versions:
  • Fine Version: Weight 255g (8.99oz), Grip diameter 38mm (1.5 inches).
  • Rough Version: Weight 285g (10oz), Grip diameter 42mm (1.65 inches).
  • Length: 145mm (5.7 inches). Charges fully in about 2 hours, runs for 8-10 hours on a single battery.


  • Custom Coreless Motor: High speed, low noise, and stable operation. Low energy consumption with high power, remains cool during long sessions. Maximum speed of 12V/10500Rpm, suitable for both lining and shading. Standard 4.0mm stroke length for precise needle movement and efficient cartridge changes. Compatible with most tattoo cartridge needles.
  • Advanced Direct Drive System: Provides smooth, precise, soft, and quiet operation. Flexible for various tattoo styles, efficiently transfers ink to the skin. Maintains stable voltage and low noise, enhancing the experience for both artists and clients.
  • Easy to Use: Features a visible LCD screen showing operating voltage and remaining power. Adjustable voltage from 4.5V to 12V in 0.5V increments. Supports long-term tattoo work with stable output. Battery capacity of 2400mAh, suitable for both professional artists and beginners.
COLOR: Black

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