XNET Blade Wireless Tattoo Machine

$180 $350

Stroke: 4mm
Drive: DC coreless motor
Dimensions: 33.0x125.0mm
Weight: 152g (without battery), 184g (with battery)

The upper indicator light is the voltage display. Double click the button to adjust the voltage, respectively representing 5-12 volts.
The bottom indicator light represents the remaining power of the power supply, red represents the need to charge, and green represents enough power.

In the package we send the charger, and each battery needs to be charged for 1.5 hours.
Please note that after you finish using the machine, you need to remove the battery from the machine, because it will remain in the standby state, the battery power will continue to run out, usually after one night, the battery needs to be recharged.

Package Included
1 pc. Tattoo Machine
1 Battery Charger
1 Storage Bag
1 Spare Eccentric Part
1 Battery


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