XNET Claws Wrieless Tattoo Machine


Working voltage:5-12v
Motor:Brushless motor
Motor size:17x20mm
Speed (12V 10500rpm )
This Ambition motor is High torque motor
Which is good with colour packing , lettering, traditional, neotraditional.Realistic realism.

Being completely wireless, with a unique and state of the art direct drive system,
this pen allows artists to reach new potentials and achieve better results, easier.

Stroke:4 mm

️This allows artists to work seamlessly in any environment without worrying about empty power packs or power black outs.

️Power-pack key features:
️-A display in which you can view all your parameteres such as voltage, presets etc.

️-Controls to switch on and off the machine, adjust voltage and set favorite presets to quickly switch between your settings.

-Of course, it can be used with all major cartridge brands as well as Ambition's cartridge system.

-You'll be able to pick yours in two different colors: Black, Pink

The motor of this machine has excellent performance for color packing, which can improve your work efficiency

Recommended line working voltage:8-9v
Recommended shader working voltage:6-8v

Charge time 2 hours.

battery life 6 hours


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