Ambition Troll Complete Wireless Tattoo Machine


Material: space aluminum alloy

Needle Stroke: 4.0mm

Motor: Ambition rotary battery tattoo pen machine built-in custom corless Motor, 12V - 10500RPM. Support jump start function. 4.0MM stroke is good for demanding lining and color packing. More powerful, low skin loss, fast coloring, no hot for long time working.The pen machine is compatible with all cartridge needles types, direct ​drive system make tattoo machine get stronger and better for liner and shader.

Single Battery Capacity: 1950mAh

Charging time: about2 hours

Operation time: about 6-7 hours

Output Voltage : 5V-12V

LCD display content: output voltage range + battery usage
Instructions for use:
- Power ON/OFF: Long press "O" key for 3 seconds
- Output pause / resume: Short press "O" key to pause the output, and short press it again to resume the output(the resume voltage is the working voltage before the pause).
- Adjust output voltage: Press the "+" or"-" key to adjust output voltage. The voltage can be adjusted through button (+) and (-) respectively with the voltage of 0.1V on each press. When you long press the voltage adjustment buttons, the voltage will change by 0.5V each time.

Tattoo Power Supply: The LED display will show the remaining power, and the full power will display 4 divisions. Fast charging through the matching fast-charging USB data cable can usually be fully charged about 2 hours.

Package Included: Ambition tattoo kit complete includes 1pc tattoo pen machine, 1pc extra battery, 1pc silicone RCA cord, 1pc power cable, 1pc RCA adapter, 1pc stainless steel grip, 80pcs tattoo cartridge needle(20X1203RL,20X1207RL,20X1207RM,20X1209RM),1 pc tattoo pen holder, 3pcs bandage,1pc 4.0mm stroke cam, 1pc big case.


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