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Quantity: 240 pieces (20 bags of individual packaging * 12 pieces)
One bag: 12 pieces
Whole box weight: 581g
One bag weight: 23g
One weight: 1.7g
Box size: 25cm*14cm*15cm
Bag size: 14cm*15cm
Color cup size: 21.3mm*15.3mm/0.84*0.6inch
Material: PC
Color: High transparent color
Capacity: 1.2ml
Spliceable Ink Cups for Tattooing
E.O.GAS sterilization, one-time use



  • High Quality PC Materia:Ambition disposable tattoo Ink cups is made of transparent and environmentally friendly PC material, which is harder, not easy to break, more transparent, heat-resistant,tattoo artists can intuitively see the color and state of the pigment, which is convenient for mixing and use.
  • Tattoo Ink Cups Size:Ambition disposable tattoo ink cups 240 pcs/box, 20 individually packaged bags, 12 pcs per bag.size: 21.3mm*15.3mm/0.84*0.6inch,Cup mouth diameter: 15mm/0.6inch,Capacity: 1.2ml,The large-capacity cup body meets the needs of tattoo artists during long-term work.
  • Spliceable Ink Cups for Tattooing: The tattoo ink cup By Interlocking design can be easily spliced together through buckles, and can be used to hold ink or eyelash extension glues of different colors. And neatly arranged together, not easy to confuse, The four-corner base provides good stability,the ink is not easy to overturn, in addition rounded cup body which can prevent the pigment from spilling. which help you complete an easy and perfect tattoo process.
  • with Clear Scale:Each tattoo ink cup has clear scales.The 0.2-1.2ml large capacity allows tattoo artists to intuitively see the color of the pigment and the remaining amount. In addition, all pigment cups have been sterilized by E.O.GAS , and are printed with the brand logo of "ambition"and can be used with confidence.Perfect for beginners and professional tattoo artists, it is an essential accessory in the tattoo process.

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