Ambition Tattoo Cartridge Grip Aluminum Alloy Adjustable 32mm/38mm


Supply Tattoo Grip Cartridge

Comes with back stems, Adjustabl

Version 1

Diameter: about 38mm

Total Length: about 81.5mm, Adjustable
Weight :112g
Version 2

Diameter: about 32mm

Total Length: about 81.5mm, Adjustable
Weight :81g

Use with all types of cartridge needles

disinfection support

Item includes:

1PC  Cartridge Grip

3pc disco bars

The grip has 3 modules, both can be sterilized in an autoclave.

Offer a polished and anodized grip, safe to sterilize under steam, autoclave, or spray with cold hygiene solutions.

The redesigned groove pattern provides index support and helps alleviate hand fatigue.


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