XNET TREX Tattoo Cartridge Needles Round Liner RL -20pcs

$16.69 $35

XNET TREX cartridge needles are disposable single-use, allow tattoo artists to set up needles and switch needle configuration very quickly during tattooing process.

Cartridges come with membrane to prevent ink leakage to the tube or machine.
Semi transparent & bevil tips make it easier to observe the needle striking.
Compatible with All types cartridge grips & machines. No Allen keys required.
Made of 316L surgical stainless steel and medical grade plastic.
E.O. sterilized and packaged in blister pack.
Package include 2 boxes, 10pcs per box, totally 20pcs.
Cartridge needles diameter and taper specification:

Needle Diameter--
#08 Bugpin 0.25mm

#10 Bugpin 0.3mm

#12 Regular 0.35mm

RL means Round Liner Long Taper about 5.5mm

RM means Curved Magnum Medium Taper about 3.5mm

XNET TREX tattoo cartridges are made of 316 medical stainless steel. The needle tip uses an A-stage needle. Each needle is screened and tested strictly. Exact fit for needle groups every time, smooth edges eliminate additional trauma.
XNET TREX green tattoo cartridges needles have been providing with high density clear plastic body. The shells are made of medical plastic, easy tattooing and better visibility. Low profile housing & better ink flow & shaped on the inside.

The TREX tattoo needles come with safety membrane to prevent ink leakage to the tube or machine. It can prevent ink spitback. The membranes and tips of these needles allow artists to enjoy a more fluid tattooing procedure.

These cartridges needles are E.O. sterilized and packaged in blister pack. Each cartridge is individually packaged. Compatible with all standard cartridge grips & machines.

Package include: 2 boxes cartridges needles. 10pcs per box, totally 20pcs.


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